Advice to municipalities

RTU Euregio Revisions-,Treuhand- und Unternehmensberatungs-GmbH, Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Rising costs and falling revenues are forcing municipalities to reduce expenses and open up new sources of income. The citizen also demands transparency in the handling of public funds and an increased level of administrative control.

The transition from municipal forms of organization to alternative implementation options under private law as well as the involvement of private third parties in the implementation of tasks (so-called public private partnerships) must be included in reorganization considerations by the public sector.

In future, new and higher demands will be placed on municipal budgeting and accounting through the “new municipal financial management”. We support municipalities in the selection of software, in the reorganization of administrative workflows and questions regarding the accounting of municipal assets.

In the area of ​​auditing the annual financial statements of municipal companies, in addition to the issues of the Budgetary Principles Act, we also take into account the requirements of the other public regulations (in particular the internal company regulation and the municipal code).

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